Featured Artist: TadsAlot

On: Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TadsAlot - When You Play This Game [Plasticine Recordings PR013] by Plasticine Recordings

Twisting turning sweating burning, it’s hell for some, for TadsAlot it’s a way of life. Twisting the knobs that churn out the sounds. Turning the sounds into something that puts your mind into a state of disarray. Your mind and body sweating as disarray turns into pleasure, as you feel the burning desire for more music, more twisting, more turning. Offspring from the USA TadsAlot is a myth that only exists through musical notes and mood-altering sounds that will make you rethink where you have been, and where you may go. A man that lives in the seclusion, surrounded only by freakish beats and heart stopping nightmares. Listen to the journey, expect the unexpected and beware of your thoughts, they will lead you down the path, good or bad.

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