Featured Artist: R3IN

On: Tuesday, May 25, 2010

R3IN - Eclipse [Plasticine Recordings PR015] by Plasticine Recordings

Hailing from Victoira British Columbia, R3IN (aka Ben Martin) is an up-and-coming music producer breaking the barriers art and sound. His recent work in scoring and performing music for live theatre combined live production and performance into one. Four live performances of Shakespeare's Othello saw R3IN taking cues from actors on stage to ensure that the music meshed perfectly with the motions and emotions of the story. The soundscapes became the bridge between the realm of tragic Othello and the hearts and minds of the audience.

Aside from experimental soundscapes, R3IN also produces and dj's dance music with a variety of local artists on Vancouver Island and is an accomplished guitarist and composer. He has pursued a number of different projects and collaborations including writing folk music, trip hop, mixing and mastering. Trained at music production college in Vancouver, BC he aspires to evolve the face of modern music and live performance.

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